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Joerg Moellenkamp (
Mon, 13 May 1996 13:18:22 +0000

>> For what it is worth, when we did the Linux/OI giveaway, we used the
>> inverted triangle with Linux in it, approximated by:
>> -+--+--+--
>> \ /
>> Linux /
>> \ /
>> \ /
>> \/
>> which our marketing people found tasteful and good looking. I grabbed

AC> The problem is every possible colour of triangle has been acquired by
AC> at least one if not too protest or peoples movements (gay community,
AC> free speech on the net etc)

Use every colour of the spectrum in the triangle ! Symbolizing the fact, that
LinuX is a project from persons all over the world for people all over the
world. Or another idea : Triangle like above, in it the a world globe and
Linus' penguin standing on the triangle.


PS : Flames because of my english to /dev/nul . Hadn?t write a word for a long