Re: Linux logo

Roeland Th. Jansen (
7 May 1996 18:11:36 -0000

Taner Halicioglu ( wrote:
> hehehe... ok, how about a tag-team of a buff BSD daemon and a buff
> penguin, with the pengin currently in the ring knocking the crap out of
> scrawny Gates?

ok, my $0.02. I think that bashing other operating systems is of /no/
interest at all. Every OS has it's good and bad points. Even DOS is good for
some work. Same holds for windows, macintoshes, freeBSD or whatever. If
you're using linux (like me) fine. But don't try to become the next amiga
generation. The way people showed themselves to the rest of the world has
done a lot harm to the amiga's. it never took really off.

So, Linux -- great. bash others ? no way. a bad idea.

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