Re: Linux logo

Henrik Storner (
Wed, 8 May 1996 22:55:05 +0200

Johan Myreen writes:

[doesn't want a logo that attacks *bsd nor microsoft - I agree 100%]

>My vote goes for a simple, professionally done and easily recognizable
>symbol. (I know, it isn't easy.) Isn't that what a logo is all about, a
>simple symbol done with style, which immediately makes the viewer think of
>the product it symbolizes?

Absolutely. If you look at many of the logos that have been suggested
for the 2.0 logo competition (see the suggestions at, most
of these aren't logos - they are *pictures* that look nice on a
computer screen, but are hopeless as a logo. If something is to be
a useful logo, a minimum requirement must be that it looks good
*on paper*, not only on a monitor.

My personal favorite among the suggestions is the Philipp Reissner's
"mylogo.jpg" - a simple "Linux" with "Revision 2.0" above it, written
in a nicely colored but not overdone way. I will be using it for the
LPP press release for Linux 2.0 here in Denmark.