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Buddha Buck (
Tue, 07 May 1996 19:46:21 -0400

> On 5 May 1996, Thomas Quinot wrote:
> > Tyson D Sawyer ( =E9crit :
> >=20
> > > > hmm. i don't think FreeBSD is the "adversary" here, but Window=
s 95
> > > > certainly is. how about a penguin smashing in a window or some=
> > > Sounds like a _much_ better idea to me!
> >=20
> > Indeed. It is to be noted that the BSD people already have a 'BSD d=
> > smashing window" logo... Perhaps someone endowed with drawing skill=
> > could prepare a "Daemon+Penguin joint attack" ?
> This would be nice. Perhaps one of them could be riding a GNU?

A hoarde of GNU-riding penguins and daemons beseiging Microsoft Keep=20
perhaps? =20

> Anyone who is running linux or BSD would probably have made a conciou=
> choice between them, and we mainly want people to move away from the=20
> Micro$oft stable, then particularly to Linux.

I still say that while all these ideas are good, we should first start=20
by pushing the penguin as a logo for Linux.

As of right now, the penguin is only associated with Linux by the=20
readers of this list. If we seriously want to use the penguin as a=20
logo, then we should start by publicizing that association. Penguins=20
on the warpath against Microsoft makes sense only if you know that the=20
penguins represent Linux, and not Soft-ICE or even Bud Ice (both of=20
which reputedly ise penguins heavily as a symbol)

Perhaps a pitch could be made to have the Linux Journal feature a=20
Penguin waving a Linux 2.0 banner on the cover of the first issue after=
the official release? A penguin on the homepage? An=20
interesting "birds of a feather" gathering at Usenix (tuxedo and tails,=
maybe? Maybe not)? =20

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