Re: Linux logo

Tyson D Sawyer (
Thu, 16 May 1996 02:27:41 -0400

> Not really rocks, but I haven't recently seen a Linux box
> with this type of an uptime:
> rocky:~> uptime;uname -a
> 10:42am up 266 days, 14:42, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
> SunOS rocky.bri 4.1.4 2 sun4m

Don't get too carried away. I have had my Linux system acting
as a server and workstation up for as long as 87 days:

9:45pm up 87 days, 9:53, 1 user, load average: 0.05, 0.05, 0.04

At that time I took it down to replace the IDE drives with SCSI and
the Slackware 2.3 system with Red Hat. I am sure that others have
done much better. Remember that there is a big difference between
a development Linux system and a stable one. The stable Linux systems
I have seen are _very_ stable. I just keep upgrading hardware and
kernels and so my uptime doesn't go throught the roof as it is doing
on your SunOS system. Right now I am at less than 3 days because I knocked
the power cord on the back of the computer. My UPS didn't save me from
that kind of stupidity. :(

Is there anyone out there that thinks they might have a record Linux
uptime? I'm sure I'm not it.