RE: NTFS Filesystem?

Carlos Magno Ferrao da Silva (
Wed, 8 May 1996 17:33:39 +-200

>A very simple question from a newcomer on this list.

>I have a dual boot Linux 1.3.97 / Windows NT 3.51 installation
>(ok, shame on me, but please don't start a flame war asking me why
>I have WNT installed on my machine :-) )

Don't worry. I have this configuration to.

>I am quite happy since NTLDR.COM behaves nicely with respect to my
>MBR and I can have lilo boot either linux or NT.

>I would also like, however, to have access to the NTFS disk on
>the system. Is this possible? Or, I should say, is somebody
>working on that? I guess it's not a straightforward thing
>and not many people want it in the first place...


Yes, is not straightforward. Even Windows 95 can't access to NTFS filesystems.
Security concerns from MICROSOFT ? I think so.

One of the reasons about the success of Linux : is really an open platform.
It works well with almost every thing and we allways find the right software for a sepcific job. So we can put a Linux server in a multiplatform environment doing
anything we want.
This is possible because a lot of features of every new linux kernel. Is amazing.

And why not NFTS ?
If possible, this will be a nice touch in all other operating systems.