Re: [lm-sensors] [PATCH 0/2] hwmon: Update coretemp to current Intel processors

From: Dmitry Gromov
Date: Tue May 18 2010 - 08:03:55 EST


On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 03:01, Carsten Emde <C.Emde@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dmitry,
>>> Here comes the current version of the coretemp patches. Huaxu did the
>>> initial work; Jean suggested to submit them directly to Andrew.
>>> I made some style changes as advised by checkpatch.
>>> The patches have been tested successfully on Core 2 Duo and Quad, and on
>>> Nehalem and Nehalem/Westmere where temperature readings were plausible
>>> and
>>> changed with load as expected. When tested on an Atom processor (N270),
>>> the
>>> temperature values were identical to previous versions of the coretemp
>>> module and also changed with load. However, the readings should be higher
>>> by 10 to 15C as compared to the outside temperature of the processor.
>>> Huaxu, could you check? I would guess TjMax to be 105 instead of 90C in
>>> these
>>> processors.
>> I apologize, if I ask a stupid question, but are you saying that TjMax in
>> coretemp.c should be set to higher value than Tcase-max value specified in
>> Intel documents?
> Hmm, no. I am saying that I would like the reading to be correct. I have
> measured the outside temperature of the case with an infrared thermometer
> [1] and found it to be higher than the readings returned by the coretemp
> module. In all other CPUs I have, the coretemp readings are higher than the
> case temperature.

Thank you very much for an explanation, Carsten.

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