Re: [lm-sensors] [PATCH 0/2] hwmon: Update coretemp to current Intelprocessors

From: Carsten Emde
Date: Tue May 18 2010 - 03:10:45 EST


Here comes the current version of the coretemp patches. Huaxu did the
initial work; Jean suggested to submit them directly to Andrew.

I made some style changes as advised by checkpatch.

The patches have been tested successfully on Core 2 Duo and Quad, and on
Nehalem and Nehalem/Westmere where temperature readings were plausible and
changed with load as expected. When tested on an Atom processor (N270), the
temperature values were identical to previous versions of the coretemp
module and also changed with load. However, the readings should be higher
by 10 to 15C as compared to the outside temperature of the processor.
Huaxu, could you check? I would guess TjMax to be 105 instead of 90C in these
I apologize, if I ask a stupid question, but are you saying that TjMax in
coretemp.c should be set to higher value than Tcase-max value specified in
Intel documents?
Hmm, no. I am saying that I would like the reading to be correct. I have measured the outside temperature of the case with an infrared thermometer [1] and found it to be higher than the readings returned by the coretemp module. In all other CPUs I have, the coretemp readings are higher than the case temperature.


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