Re: i386 very early memory detection cleanup patch breaks the build

From: H. Peter Anvin
Date: Sat Mar 13 2004 - 17:30:16 EST

James Bottomley wrote:

I removed it because I removed the VISWS dependency, thus making it redundant. What you seem to be saying is that the dependency should have been on SMP not X86_SMP; if that's the issue then please make it so.

I think you just needed to apply your own rule to the above statement.

If you mean the dependency should be

depends X86_SMP || (VOYAGER && SMP)

Then yes, I'm happy with that.

Actually, I just meant changing:

-obj-$(CONFIG_X86_SMP) += smp.o smpboot.o trampoline.o
+obj-$(CONFIG_X86_SMP) += smp.o smpboot.o
+obj-$(CONFIG_SMP) += trampoline.o

... which is more like what the original code is doing, minus VISWS.

I'm still debugging the boot time failure. As far as I can tell it
looks like ioremap is failing (this is after paging_init); does this
trigger any associations?

Nope. It shouldn't be using the boot page tables after paging_init, and even so, the "new" boot page tables look just like the "old" ones except there might be more of them, so there are two resaons that shouldn't be happening. I'd have been less surprised if you'd seen a problem with boot_ioremap(), although even that shouldn't really be different...

My main guess would be a porting problem (_end -> init_pg_tables_end) in discontig.c, which I believe Voyager uses, right?

I don't have access to any real subarchitectures (I have a visws now, but I haven't actually been able to run it yet), so the discontig stuff didn't get tested; on the other hand the change in there was quite trivial.

Sorry for not being able to be more helpful, but I'm surrounded by boxes and this is the last weekend I have to pack before I move houses...

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