Re: binfmt_java problems

H. Peter Anvin (
Wed, 15 May 1996 23:24:54 -0700 (PDT)

> So instead of proposing a standard at one place, you will force all=20
> distribution makers to put something like=20
> echo some_path >/proc/sys/java_path
> in the RC scripts to make life easier for their user.
> and then those erroneous path (will be sooner or later) will be sprea=
> all around.
> Not good at all. Really
> Why not set a standard in the kernel (like it is now) and allow peopl=
e to=20
> override it later (only if needed).
> The idea is simple. Those who have no idea why things should be diffe=
> won't have to know how it should be anyway. Those who feel that the j=
> binaries should move will have enough incentive to learn how.

Jaques, the point is that the path currently hard-coded in the kernel
may bloody well not even be accessible to the person who needs to
install the software. If it should have a fixed path (which I
personally don't necessarily mind) it should be in /bin or /sbin
(which in turn could be a symlink.)


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