Networking Status pre #2

Alan Cox (
Sun, 12 May 96 23:22 BST

Can people mail the list (not just me directly) if they are seeing the
following with 2.0 pre 2

1. double lock on device queue
2. repeated socket destroy messages every 10 seconds
3. Stuck sockets (notably on big FTP or WWW servers)
4. panic: ip_evictor (this typically won't be seen unless you do
something like deliberately spray a machine with incomplete packets
- eg by doing ping -s 32768 -f down a SLIP link).
5. TCP send queue out of order reports
6. Not being able to talk to some sites and a trace that looks like
a MTU discovery problem (continually resending a frame with DF set
and getting an ICMP error back).
7. TCP performance problems.
8. bogus packet size/mismatched pointers reports on 8390 based ethernet

I want to see how bad these problems actually are and how many people are
seeing them - also hopefully a pattern so try and include hardware info.