Re: Networking Status pre #2

Henrik Storner (
Tue, 14 May 1996 17:52:04 +0200

Alan Cox writes:

>Can people mail the list (not just me directly) if they are seeing the
>following with 2.0 pre 2

>2. repeated socket destroy messages every 10 seconds

Yup - get these quite often on my token-ring based system at work. I don't
know if it is a bug in the driver that triggers it, but it often begins
with an "ASB not free!" message from the tr-driver. After that the
socket destroy messages start, and networking transmits from the Linux
box halts. Receive appears to work still. Only remedy I know of is
rebooting, which my software watchdog now does.

Hardware is an IBM 16/4 ISA adapter, in a Compaq 486/66 ProLinea w/
20 MB RAM, IDE disks. Apart from the token-ring card, nothing unusual.

I've been reluctant to point the blame on the tcp code or the driver, since
our network environment at work is rather ... unusual.

>7. TCP performance problems.

H.J.Lu appears to have quite a lot of duplicated packets when running over
a 28.8 PPP link, judging from his post on linux-gcc.