Re: Networking Status pre #2

Ulrich Windl (
Wed, 15 May 1996 11:19:09 +0200

On 15 May 96 at 0:56, wrote:

> (Alan Cox) writes:
> > 6. Not being able to talk to some sites and a trace that looks like
> > a MTU discovery problem (continually resending a frame with DF set
> > and getting an ICMP error back).
> Hmm .... perhaps.
> There are certain hosts I cannot talk to after a "TCP Connection
> Established" (ftp sites, etc.) that other hosts can talk to no
> problem; I haven't diagnosed what's going on but have eliminated most
> identd and reverse-forward-lookup matching problems (my reverse lookups
> should be fairly sturdy!)
I think that one is not a kernel problem. Usually inetd starts up
ftpd after the connection is established. On very busy servers it can
take a significant amount of time (minutes) until the ftpd is ready
and responding. I've seen this when I tried to FTP at the wrong