Re: [REGRESSION] [nailed] USB boot failure: USB: EHCI: make ehci-pcia separate driver

From: Colin Guthrie
Date: Wed Feb 13 2013 - 11:36:04 EST

'Twas brillig, and Andreas Mohr at 13/02/13 16:13 did gyre and gimble:
> [not sure about CCs - I readded both initramfs-tools and lkml]

Sorry about CC's I read mail via gmane's NNTP interface and it mangles
the address for the initramfs list which makes it a pain to reply-all
properly. If someone who manages this stuff could ask a admin
to lift the mangling that would be good. There are other places to
harvest the same email addresses if someone really wants to!

>> Either way I already posted a patch about this a while back:
>> See: "[PATCH 6/6] kernel-modules: Add ehci support for kernel 3.8+"
> OK, I've seen it, but:
> which file does it touch?? That's a complete mystery to me
> (the initramfs-tools git checkout here does not contain that path).

Oh, oops, my bad sorry. I didn't read your mail properly and didn't see
the initramfs-tools bit. The patch is against dracut, so obviously won't
apply nicely :D

Sorry for the confusion.



Colin Guthrie

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