Re: [REGRESSION] [nailed] USB boot failure: USB: EHCI: make ehci-pcia separate driver

From: Andreas Mohr
Date: Wed Feb 13 2013 - 11:14:00 EST

[not sure about CCs - I readded both initramfs-tools and lkml]

> I think you actually want both: ehci-pci and ehci-platform (tho' perhaps
> the module deps mean only the -pci one is needed)

Err, yeah, that's probably more precise.

> Either way I already posted a patch about this a while back:

> See: "[PATCH 6/6] kernel-modules: Add ehci support for kernel 3.8+"

OK, I've seen it, but:
which file does it touch?? That's a complete mystery to me
(the initramfs-tools git checkout here does not contain that path).

> (admittedly perhaps that should have been 3.7 rather than 3.8)!

Hmm, the patch was introduced in early moments from 3.7 prior to
3.8-rc1. Thus one could say that the non-covered window is only
a part of the small 3.8-rc1 step which is used by devel people only.
OTOH to retain the very important development property
of properly working regression bisects over all versions
(of regressions *other* than this USB boot effect, that is),
even that smallish window ought to be fully covered.
If it thus is decided to be a sizeable versioning issue,
then it really should be downgraded to 3.7 very soon,
in order to prevent a support window coverage issue.


Andreas Mohr
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