[PATCH 1/2] ima: Do not try to fix hash if file system does not support security xattr

From: Vivek Goyal
Date: Mon Feb 11 2013 - 15:12:09 EST

vfs_getxattr_alloc() returns -EOPNOTSUPP if filesystem does not have
security label enabled. In that case there is no point in continuing
further and try to fix hashes (if ima_appraise=fix was specified) as
that will fail too. Return early

Signed-off-by: Vivek Goyal <vgoyal@xxxxxxxxxx>
Acked-by: Mimi Zohar <zohar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
security/integrity/ima/ima_appraise.c | 4 ++++
1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/security/integrity/ima/ima_appraise.c b/security/integrity/ima/ima_appraise.c
index 2d4beca..3710f44 100644
--- a/security/integrity/ima/ima_appraise.c
+++ b/security/integrity/ima/ima_appraise.c
@@ -134,6 +134,10 @@ int ima_appraise_measurement(int func, struct integrity_iint_cache *iint,
rc = vfs_getxattr_alloc(dentry, XATTR_NAME_IMA, (char **)&xattr_value,
if (rc <= 0) {
+ /* File system does not support security xattr */
+ if (rc == -EOPNOTSUPP)
if (rc && rc != -ENODATA)
goto out;


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