PROBLEM: USB regression on TS-7800 board

From: Ambroz Bizjak
Date: Fri Feb 03 2012 - 20:27:21 EST


I've had problems with using newer Linux kernels with the TS-7800 ARM
board. Since kernel 3.0.0, USB storage devices are not recognized, and
errors are reported. See attachments for kernel output.

I have bisected the regression:

commit 4fcd3f374a928081d391cd9a570afe3b2c692fdc
Author: Andrew Lunn <andrew@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun May 15 13:32:49 2011 +0200

ARM: orion: Consolidate USB platform setup code.

Signed-off-by: Andrew Lunn <andrew@xxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Nicolas Pitre <nico@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Attached are good and bad boot logs (from before and after this
commit), and the kernel config used for testing.

Ambroz Bizjak

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