[ANNOUNCE] iproute2 2.6.34

From: Stephen Hemminger
Date: Wed May 19 2010 - 11:55:20 EST

This version of iproute2 utilities intended for use with 2.6.34 or
later kernel, but should be backward compatible with older releases.
In addition to build and man page fixes, this release includes a
support for several new features:

* SR-IOV (I/O Virtualization) support.
* tuntap support
* bus-error reporting and counters
* new FIFO type head drop queue discipline

The tar ball is available at:


For more info on iproute2 see:

Report problems (or enhancements) to the netdev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing list.

Changes since last release (2.6.33)

Alexandre Cassen (1):
Detect 6rd kernel missing support / 6rd tunnel scope

Andreas Henriksson (2):
iproute2: detect iptables modules dir in configure.
iproute2: add option to build m_xt as a tc module (v3)

Bart Trojanowski (1):
fix build issues with flex ver 2.5

Brian Bloniarz (1):
ip: document initcwnd

Chris Wright (1):
iproute2: rework SR-IOV VF support

David Woodhouse (1):
Add 'ip tuntap' support.

Florian Westphal (1):
iproute2: fix addrlabel interface names handling

Hagen Paul Pfeifer (1):
tc: add new queue discipline: head drop fifo

Jamal Hadi Salim (3):
xfrm: policy by mark
xfrm: Introduce xfrm by mark
xfrm: add support for SA by mark

Jan Engelhardt (1):
ip: correctly report tunnel link type

Michele Petrazzo - Unipex (1):
Continue after errors in -batch

Williams, Mitch A (3):
Update man page to indicate current options
ip: Add support for setting and showing SR-IOV virtual funtion link params
libnetlink: Modify the parser to track first duplicated attributes

Wolfgang Grandegger (1):
iproute2: netlink support for bus-error reporting and counters

YOSHIFUJI Hideaki / åèèæ (1):
gaiconf: /etc/gai.conf configuration helper.

jamal (1):
skbedit: use get_u32 for parsing mark

laurent chavey (1):
Add initcwnd to iproute2

Stephen Hemminger:
Fix line numbering on batch commands
Remove mirred debug message
Workaround missing ALIGN() macro.
Update ip.8 man page to describe route table id values
Update kernel headers to 2.6.34 final version
Add documentation for ip link add/delete sub-commands
ip: add documentation for initrwnd
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