Re: [PATCH -V8 2/9] vfs: Add name to file handle conversion support

From: J. R. Okajima
Date: Wed May 19 2010 - 09:56:14 EST

"Aneesh Kumar K. V":
> How about the below patch ?
> commit 5f421ffbe9dd7bb84c5992b1725c06b511bc76d8
> Author: Aneesh Kumar K.V <aneesh.kumar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Wed May 19 14:52:44 2010 +0530
> vfs: Return ENOSYS if CONFIG_EXPORTFS is not enabled

Of course, I have no objection. :-)

Let me make sure some other issues.
If a malicious user passes altered dirfd or handle parameters, then
these things may happen.
- opens another file.
But it should not be a security hole, because finish_open_handle()
calls may_open() and the permission bits are tested expectedly.
- kernel crashes.
If s_export_op->fh_to_dentry() expects the passed handle is always
correct, then it may crash. But this is a problem of FS, instead of
- returns an error.
It is a matter of the application.

And the decode routine may return an anonymous (disconnected) dentry.
In this case, if LSM detects something wrong and produces a message,
then the filename will not be printed correctly.
This is not a problem of open_by_handle() either. Right?

J. R. Okajima
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