Re: [RFC, 6/7] NUMA hotplug emulator

From: Andi Kleen
Date: Tue May 18 2010 - 04:55:41 EST

Maybe configfs isn't the way to go. I just think extending the 'probe'
file is a bad idea, especially in the way your patch did it. I'm open
to other alternatives. Since this is only for testing, perhaps debugfs
applies better. What other alternatives have you explored? How about a
Systemtap set to do it? :)

First this is a debugging interface. It doesn't need to have the
most pretty interface in the world, because it will be only used for
QA by a few people.

Requiring setting parameters in two different file systems doesn't
sound that appealing to me.

systemtap for configuration also doesn't seem right.

I liked Dave's earlier proposal to do a command line parameter like interface
for "probe". Perhaps that can be done. It shouldn't need a lot of code.

In fact there are already two different parser libraries for this:
lib/parser.c and lib/params.c. One could chose the one that one likes
better :-)

Anything that needs a lot of code is a bad idea for this I think.
A simple parser using one of the existing libraries should be simple
enough though.

Again it's just a QA interface, not the next generation of POSIX.


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