Re: PROBLEM: tickless scheduling

From: Stefan Biereigel
Date: Mon May 17 2010 - 12:15:48 EST

Am 17.05.2010 17:26, schrieb Donald Allen:
> Stefan --
> Would you check the BIOS on your machine and report the maker and
> version number? If you've followed this, I'm especially interested to
> know if it's a Phoenix BIOS.
> Thanks --
> /Don
Hello Don,

I did try some things here. pci=nomsi didn't work really, but I think it
decreased the rate of stucks, even though I'm not sure. My BIOS is a
Phoenix TrustedCore with version number PG2G3A08, should be from 7/2009
or so.

I will try my next boot with hpet=disable and report my results. Thanks
for your help!
Stefan DK3SB
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