Re: [PATCH 1/1] regulator: return set_mode is same mode isrequested

From: Sundar R Iyer
Date: Mon May 17 2010 - 10:57:16 EST

On Mon, 2010-05-17 at 16:44 +0200, Mark Brown wrote:
> The commit message reads "regulator: return set_mode is same mode is
> requested". I'm having a hard time parsing what that actually means,
> you probably need a "when" in there...
Oops. My bad. I messed by typoing up the commit message.

> This is going to oops if the regulator doesn't implement a get_mode()
> operation.
Okay. I will add a sanity check for that.

> I'm also a little ambivalent on the benefit of it - if the goal is to
> save I/O costs (you didn't say...) it's not clear to me that the effort
> of checking the current mode is going to be a win in situations where
> the mode is actually being changed a lot.
Okay. I came up across this and hence the change. This is intended when
the same mode is requested! I will edit the commit message appropriately.

> As I said in reply to your previous message the trend is away from
> having any mode configration at all, with regulators being able to adapt
> to their current load without any software assistance.
I posted this as this is currently supported in the tree.

Thanx for the prompt review and reply,


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