Re: [PATCH 2.6.34-rc7 v4] HID: hid-samsung: add support for CreativeDesktop Wireless 6000

From: Jiri Kosina
Date: Mon May 17 2010 - 07:39:07 EST

On Mon, 17 May 2010, Don Prince wrote:

> Add support for the multimedia buttons of the Creative Desktop Wireless
> 6000 keyboard/mouse combo which are not currently handled by the
> default/samsung HID driver.
> Signed-off-by: Don Prince <dhprince-devel@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> ---
> Added comments as requested by Robert Schedel <r.schedel@xxxxxxxx>
> As requested by Jiri Kosina, made key mapping code more concise
> i.e. ignored's wingeing about code style.

Applied, thanks.

Jiri Kosina
SUSE Labs, Novell Inc.
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