Re: Would it help to encourage users to read/test stable-review patches

From: Luis R. Rodriguez
Date: Thu Aug 27 2009 - 15:12:02 EST

On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 11:29 AM, Chris Wright<chrisw@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> * Luis R. Rodriguez (mcgrof@xxxxxxxxx) wrote:

>> Also what if a user just wants to test an entire series queues up
>> for stable-review, is there a single all-in-one file user can just
>> patch -p1 to help test prior to getting the next stable release made?
> There is a queue that can be applied w/ quilt Â(or any similar tool that
> can handles patches + series file). ÂThis is kept here:

For us non-quilters and lazy people can we get an all-in-one patch
generated from a script or something? If not I can just try to keep
one up to date myself but figured since you have a tree it may be
easier to refer the one place instead of two.

>> Do we want more user exposure to stable-review mailing list or is just
>> a few developer eyes enough?
> More review never hurts, but do you think there's a specific lack or
> problem?

Not really, I was thinking about the fellow Ubunteros users who tend
to not have a clue but sometimes enough good will to want to help. If
the average user understood better the upstream process then perhaps
it would become clearer to them the importance of stable patches and
stable-review. Bringing users closer to stable-review to me indicates
more users would understand the stable process and therefore would
stop bitching to me when a 'non-cirtical' fix never made it into their
ancient stable. Cc'ing one of those.

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