Re: Would it help to encourage users to read/test stable-review patches

From: Stefan Richter
Date: Fri Aug 28 2009 - 04:24:04 EST

Luis R. Rodriguez wrote:
>> More review never hurts, but do you think there's a specific lack or
>> problem?
> Not really, I was thinking about the fellow Ubunteros users who tend
> to not have a clue but sometimes enough good will to want to help. If
> the average user understood better the upstream process then perhaps
> it would become clearer to them the importance of stable patches and
> stable-review.

Shouldn't these people rather get started with "the other stable
kernel", called 2.6.x-rcZ? And the next level would be to either test
-next or follow the master branch of a subsystem development tree of
their interest.

I think it could be more effective overall to activate more people who
watch for regressions in the mainline, send qualified and early
regression reports, and test candidate fixes. A side effect of better
-rc kernels will be a shallower 2.6.x.y branch queue.

Patches which are submitted for stable-review should already have been
tested as part of the upstream kernel on affected and unaffected
systems. As Chris wrote, patches which obviously need further field
testing when backported to -stable are per definition too risky for
-stable in the first place. -stable submission should be low-risk

> Bringing users closer to stable-review to me indicates
> more users would understand the stable process and therefore would
> stop bitching to me when a 'non-cirtical' fix never made it into their
> ancient stable. Cc'ing one of those.

Ah, you have especially /these/ people in mind. Well, set up a clever
procmail filter which autoresponds with a pointer to
Documentation/stable_kernel_rules.txt... :-)
Stefan Richter
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