Re: Would it help to encourage users to read/test stable-reviewpatches

From: Chris Wright
Date: Thu Aug 27 2009 - 14:35:18 EST

* Luis R. Rodriguez (mcgrof@xxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> We get development review eyes on stable patches during submission
> into a subsystem, and perhaps 1-2 user tests then. Typically patches
> are pretty easy to review for stable submission but I'm wondering
> about cases where things are not so clear and perhaps we want better
> testing and are less willing to take a fix into stable than on latest
> rc.

Typically in this case it's either too risky for -stable period, or
we ask for resubmission after it has had more time upstream (through
another -rc cycle, for example).

> Also what if a user just wants to test an entire series queues up
> for stable-review, is there a single all-in-one file user can just
> patch -p1 to help test prior to getting the next stable release made?

There is a queue that can be applied w/ quilt (or any similar tool that
can handles patches + series file). This is kept here:

> Do we want more user exposure to stable-review mailing list or is just
> a few developer eyes enough?

More review never hurts, but do you think there's a specific lack or
problem? Thanks for thinking about -stable ;-)

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