Re: [bisected] 2.6.29-rc1 Firefox crashing on page load

From: Peter Annema
Date: Mon Jan 19 2009 - 20:45:21 EST

Justin Madru <jdm64 <at>> writes:
> Ok, finally bisected the bug, but the commit isn't related to networking!
> I did: git revert 4217458dafaa57d8e26a46f5d05ab8c53cf64191
> on current git and that fixed the bug.


> #ifdef CONFIG_X86_32
> -asmlinkage int sys_rt_sigreturn(unsigned long __unused)
> +asmlinkage int sys_rt_sigreturn(struct pt_regs regs)
> {
> - struct pt_regs *regs = (struct pt_regs *)&__unused;
> -
> - return do_rt_sigreturn(regs);
> + return do_rt_sigreturn(&regs);
> }

Is sizeof(struct pt_regs) different from sizeof(unsigned long)? If so, is some
code somewhere messing with the stack and not expecting a struct pt_regs to have
been put on it?

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