Re: Generic battery interface

From: Shem Multinymous
Date: Thu Jul 27 2006 - 18:54:00 EST

On 7/28/06, Pavel Machek <pavel@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Event interface suits PC world where BIOS already does the

The BIOS does polling only for its internal tasks. It doesn't generate
events when readouts change unless something important happened. So if
you want readouts you need to poll the SMBIOS or hardware, like on the

+ perhaps it would not need explicit maintainer, just assign names

We also need to decide on clear convention about units. Are they in
the output and/or filename? Filename is best, I think, since it's
impossible to miss and works nicely for input attributes too.

- does not suit PC-style batteries which trigger events when data
change (can be fixed by /sys/XXX/anything-new, which gives one
byte when something changes)

Changed since last poll? That doesn't work with multiple clients.
Changed for the last X seconds? That requires everybody to poll that
frequenty, and risks missing events due to system load.

Wild thought: how about adding a generic "event source" mechanism into
sysfs, at the same level as attributes? Maybe even make them textual,
in keeping with sysfs philosophy:

while read TYPE PARAM < /sys/class/battery/BAT0/criticl_events; do
echo "battery 0 generated ctitical event $TYPE with parameters $PARAM"

The simpler solution is to convert events into state (e.g.,
critical=0/1) and present them as normal attributes which userspace
can poll, as Greg KH suggested (did I get that right?). I'm not sure
it's always easy, e.g., does ACPI genereate an explicit
no-longer-critical event?

- you are not getting atomic snapshot of battery state. For example
you could read battery status okay, voltage 9.5V; while real
states were (okay, 10.5V), (critical, 9.5V) and update
happened between you reading status and voltage. (Is it

I can't think of a realistic scenario where it's a problem. The latest
readout is always the best one to look at.

- hard to handle obscure features

So where does that go in the /dev scheme?

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