Re: Generic battery interface

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Thu Jul 27 2006 - 18:14:41 EST


> >So I've proposed /sys/class/battery/{acpi,apm,thinkpad}/BAT?/*
> >as a comrpromise:
> >A userspace app that only needs a generic voltage readout will try
> >(all of) /sys/class/battery/*/BAT0/voltage. This is your generic
> >interface.
> If we have to export all these totally different implementations
> via totally different paths, then we failed.


> sysfs is great for demos from a shell prompt,
> but isn't such a great programming interface, either
> from inside the kernel or from user-space.

Well, we have prior examples for /dev/XXX style interface (input), and
we have examples for /sys/XXX interface (LED subsystem). Each has its
advantages and disadvantages, and both are okay for programming

> Please do not add more polling to user-space, else DaveJ
> will be putting it up as a further example of "Why userspace sucks"
> at the next OLS:-)

Let me clarify this: zaurus-style systems can read battery status as
often as someone asks, and do not really have events. If someone asks,
they read the status. If noone asks, they do not have to read status
_at all_. Event interface suits PC world where BIOS already does the

Anyway, let's compare /dev/XXX vs. /sys/XXX

+ existing code uses similar scheme
+ easy to add very obscure features, such as
+ perhaps it would not need explicit maintainer, just assign names
- lack of maintainer mean people will probably not assign names
- does not suit PC-style batteries which trigger events when data
change (can be fixed by /sys/XXX/anything-new, which gives one
byte when something changes)
- you are not getting atomic snapshot of battery state. For example
you could read battery status okay, voltage 9.5V; while real
states were (okay, 10.5V), (critical, 9.5V) and update
happened between you reading status and voltage. (Is it
+ userspace UPS daemons can just create files somewhere else, battery
applets can scan two directories easily

+ battery layer will need to be invented
- that layer will need maintainer
+ maintainer ensures this is not a mess, allocates numbers
- does not quite suit zaurus-style batteries, that can _only_ be
polled. Can be worked-around by polling from kernel (and we
are often doing that, anyway)
+ userspace backdoor interface will need to be invented, /dev/uinput style
- hard to handle obscure features
(do_not_charge_battery_for_X_minutes), and we'll probably want
to unify batteries a bit, probably loosing precision.

So... I'm not sure which one I prefer. If I had to do one _myself_,
I'd do /sys/XXX version, because it requires less maintainance, and
I'm lazy.

If I could clone vojtech, I'd prefer just doing that, then letting him
do /dev/XXX interface. It will be more work and painful transition.

Anyone volunteers write battery layer? If so, I'd go with /dev/XXX,
otherwise I'd go with /sys/XXX, because it is simpler to code, and I
believe it is also good enough...
(cesky, pictures)
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