[RT] rt priority losing

From: Steven Rostedt
Date: Mon Jul 24 2006 - 11:39:33 EST

Ingo or Tglx,

It has come to my attention that the dynamic hrtimer softirq can lose a
boosted priority. That is, if a softirq is running while a timeout
happens, and the call back is of lower priority than the currently
running hrtimer softirq, the timer interrupt will still lower the
hrtimer softirq.

Here's the problem code:

static void wakeup_softirqd_prio(int softirq, int prio)
/* Interrupts are disabled: no need to stop preemption */
struct task_struct *tsk = __get_cpu_var(ksoftirqd[softirq].tsk);

if (tsk) {
if (tsk->normal_prio != prio) {
struct sched_param param;

param.sched_priority = MAX_RT_PRIO-1 - prio;
setscheduler(tsk, -1, SCHED_FIFO, &param);
if(tsk->state != TASK_RUNNING)

So, tsk could be softirqd-hrmono and we lower the priority. (only
normal_prio is checked versus prio).

So this can be a problem, if the softirq function holds a lock of a high
priority task, and is running boosted. If another timer goes off with a
lower priority, we can lower the priority of the softirqd and lose the
inherited priority that it was running at.

-- Steve

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