Re: [patch] ucb1x00: touchscreen cleanups

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sun Jul 31 2005 - 17:59:25 EST


> > As this isn't the only chip of this sort (i.e. a
> > multi-function chip not on the CPU bus) maybe we
> > should store the bus driver in a common place. If
> > needed we could have a very simple bus driver
> > subsystem (this might already be in the kernel, I
> > haven't looked at the bus stuff) in which you register
> > a bus driver and client drivers register with the bus
> > driver. Just an idea :-).
> This was the idea with the drivers/soc suggestion although I think that
> name is perhaps misleading.
> How about drivers/mfd where mfd = Multi Functional Devices?
> I think it would be acceptable (and in keeping with the other drivers
> e.g. pcmcia) to seeing the arch and platform specific modules with the
> main driver as long as the naming reflected it (like the existing mcp
> and ucb code does) i.e.:
> mcp-core.c
> mcp-sa1100.c
> ucb1x00-code.c
> ucb1x00-assabet.c
> ucb1x00-collie.c
> If code can be separated out into subsystems, I'm not so sure where they
> should go though. The existing policy would suggest
> drivers/input/touchscreen and sound/xxx for these...
> ucb1x00-ts.c
> ucb1x00-audio.c
> Opinions/Comments?

drivers/mfd sounds good, and yes, touchscreen and audio should go
where they belong.
if you have sharp zaurus hardware you don't need... you know my address
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