Re: MM kernels - how to keep on the bleeding edge?

From: Michael Krufky
Date: Tue Jul 26 2005 - 14:49:36 EST

Radoslaw AstralStorm Szkodzinski wrote:

b) It doesn't say which -mm version are they in.
This is a real PITA, because I have to check patch list one after one to
apply to the newest mm.

I have filters set up so that my mailer puts all mm-commits messages from the mailing list into a special "mm-commits" folder. Each time Andrew releases an -mm kernel, I rename my "mm-commits" folder to "mm-commits-%version%", such as "mm-commits-2.6.13-rc3-mm2" (I will probably have to create a folder like this tomorrow, or in a few hours/days ;-) ... Then I create a new "mm-commits" folder to hold all new patches not yet in the latest -mm kernel. As of right now, my current "mm-commits" mail folder has 153 patches in it, although I think I may have lost a patch or two...

ALSO, somebody has created a -git tree that pulls from the mm-commits list (i think) ... Anyway, I looked at the git tree last night and it seems to be delayed by a few days. I dont have that link handy right now. Does anybody else have it?

Michael Krufky

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