MM kernels - how to keep on the bleeding edge?

From: AstralStorm
Date: Tue Jul 26 2005 - 14:33:29 EST

I've a question on how to keep in touch with all those patches going into mm
patchset. Yes, I know of and am subscribed to mm-commits list, but it has a
few shortcomings:
a) It doesn't tell which patches went into the mainline.
That's not necessary, as there's always git, but comparing on commit messages
seems awkward and the contents aren't necessarily the same.

Maybe AM has some algorithm to determine which patches went in and which,
say, went in only in part?
Or that he redoes all the patches against the newest Linus' tree?
Anyway, I'd like to know what was the tree version at the time.

b) It doesn't say which -mm version are they in.
This is a real PITA, because I have to check patch list one after one to
apply to the newest mm. A message consisting of:

Subject: 2.6.x-mmy released

Contains all patches up to:

Is based on Linus' tree up to commit:

would be more than enough.
This way it would be easy to update the latest patchset to the latest and
(hopefully) greatest mailing list patch. As it is now, I have to do a search
every time I blow up the tree.

It would be much easier for me if there was a mercurial or git tree with mm
patches available somewhere, but I can live with my mail reading script.

(I'm not subscribed to the list at the time - my mailbox would blow up)


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