Re: New Radeonfb (2.6.5) driver does not play nice with X (4.3.0)

From: James Lamanna
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 13:51:13 EST

Timothy Miller wrote:
> Are you using ATI's proprietary drivers? I have also experienced this
> sort of system hang when using their drivers. When I would exit the X
> server, I would get a screen full of vertical lines and the system
> would be completely dead (could not ping).

> The short-term solutions are either to use the XFree's native drivers
> or to use vesafb for the console. The long term solution is for ATI to
> fix their drivers.

Well I did try with Driver "vga" (I had been using the ATI proprietary
ones), and it still exhibited the same behavior.

James Lamanna
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