Re: New Radeonfb (2.6.5) driver does not play nice with X (4.3.0)

From: Timothy Miller
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 13:25:49 EST

James Lamanna wrote:
I'm having some serious issues with the "new" radeonfb driver.
The system boots up fine, but as soon as I start X windows,
I cannot switch to a virtual console.

If I do, the screen goes black with what looks like lines of really
tiny, squashed text? maybe, and the system totally hangs.
No keyboard input, can't ssh in, totally dead.

Please CC me for I am not subscribed.
Relevant information follows:

Are you using ATI's proprietary drivers? I have also experienced this sort of system hang when using their drivers. When I would exit the X server, I would get a screen full of vertical lines and the system would be completely dead (could not ping).

The short-term solutions are either to use the XFree's native drivers or to use vesafb for the console. The long term solution is for ATI to fix their drivers.

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