Re: anon_vma RFC2

From: Andrea Arcangeli
Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 - 12:35:59 EST

ok, it links and boots ;)

at the previous try, with slab debugging enabled, it was spawning tons
of errors but I suspect it's a bug in the slab debugging, it was
complaining with red zone memory corruption, could be due the tiny size
of this object (only 8 bytes).

andrea@xeon:~> grep anon_vma /proc/slabinfo
anon_vma 1230 1500 12 250 1 : tunables 120 60 8 : slabdata 6 6 0

now I need to try swapping... (I guess it won't work at the first try,
I'd be surprised if I didn't miss any s/index/private/)
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