Re: via rhine bug? (timeouts and resets)

From: Henrik Persson (
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 13:55:07 EST

On Tue, 11 Feb 2003 19:39:43 +0100
Roger Luethi <> wrote:

RL> No errors at all? No "Transmitter underrun" (at debug>1)? I suspect
RL> you hit two more bugs: If the driver resets the chip (e.g. watchdog
RL> timeout), chances are the chip is programmed to go half-duplex ->
RL> performance breaks down. No problem as long as we deal with errors
RL> properly, but the Rhine-II can throw an error the mainline driver
RL> doesn't notice because the interrupt status registers stay clean.

Something was strange.. Now I get the errors.. But the funny thing is:
when downloading the file there's no problem at all. Uploading the same
file results in the attached dmesg.. So, something is fishy in that code

RL> Can I see a complete log (at debug=3), starting with module insertion?
RL> There's got to be some underrun and watchdog timeout.

Whops. I included the module in the kernel ;) But the errors ought to be
the same.. Hm..

RL> > But it's not as bad as it got a few minutes ago when I tested the
RL> > driver from It totally trashed my NIC.. A shame though,
RL> > since it ran
RL> Define "trashed". How exactly did it misbehave, what did you have to
RL> do to get it back working? Anything interesting in the log before it
RL> breaks?

Well.. Not much in the logs.. I rebooted with 2.4.20 ;)

RL> FWIW, it is possible to get a Rhine into a state where physically
RL> removing the PCI card from the computer and keeping both away from any
RL> power source for an hour still results in the driver hanging on boot
RL> (after putting everything back together, of course). I've gone through
RL> this twice so far. Voodoo magic.


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