Re: [PATCH] 2.4.20 drivers/cdrom/cdu31a.c

From: Corey Minyard (
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 13:52:49 EST

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Mauricio Martinez wrote:

|Thanks for your reply. I guess there are still some drives like this
|floating around. I can live without it, but it is good to use it in an old
|486 as a jukebox and print server :)
|Your patch makes much more sense that mine (I have no experience in Linux
|driver development), and it makes the drive work *very well* (excellent
|transfer rate and no system overload), but only if I remove the last hunk.
|This last hunk tries to read again the data with 4 sectors less each time
|(i.e. 16,14,12,...,4) which *i think* overloads the buffer leading to an
|oops (and even a system reboot without warning!).
|Hope this information helps.

That's really wierd. Can you make the code in question be:
~ } else if (nblock > 0) {
~ printk("Number of blocks left: %d\n", nblock);
~ end_request(1);
~ } else {

and then send the results when it happens?

It turns out my machine does not have an ISA bus slot, so I can't plug
my drive in anywhere.


- -Corey
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