Re: Mouse/Keyboard hangs..

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 12:22:40 EST


> I'm having an issue with my laptop.. the same issue i've had for since I
> baught it.. Under linux the mouse (synaptics touchpad) and/or keyboard
> will suddenly lock. All input stops. I can telnet in and shutdown
> cleanly, but that doesn't help recover that I've got on my screen in X (or
> the console).
> Hardware: HP n5430 laptop, synaptics touchpad, trident XP graphics,
> standard low-end laptop.
> Here's the really odd part. When it happens, if i notice quickly enough
> and hit the power switch on my laptop for just a split second (not the 5
> seconds to power off).. it sometimes comes back! It's happened twice
> while typing this email in pine using a text console (no X, no mouse).
> But if I wait too long (a few seconds) matter how many times i nudge
> the power switch, it never comes back. Sometimes it's more frequent then
> others.. sometimes I'll go for days/weeks without seeing it.

Strange.. I have something very similar on hp omnibook xe3 here,
except that:

1) I do not think it responds to the net when hung

2) it *allways* recovers after power button

3) it seems to only happen in 2.5.X here, maybe it has something to do
with ACPI?

> The behavior is a little different recently though with the 2.5 series.
> Now, sometimes when it comes back, i get the character i was typing
> repeated (as if a key was stuck) until i hit another key. This change
> could be related to the new i8042 changes in 2.5, I'm not sure.

Mine remembers up to few keystrokes I was typing...


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