Re: PCI oddities on Dell Inspiron 5000e w/ 2.4.x

From: Tom Sightler (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 23:45:51 EST

> I took your advice and used the kernel drivers from 2.4.2. I built
> the Cardbus and i82365 drivers into the kernel. This shows the exact
> same behavior, after a power-on reboot I get:

You don't need the i82365 driver, only the Cardbus (yenta) driver. I don't
think this would cause your problem, but it's possible, maybe try without

> and though the cardmgr loads it does not respond to card events,
> i.e. inserting a card produces *no* effect, there is not a beep, or
> any logged messages. Rebooting with 2.2.17 fixes the problem and
> 2.4.2 then works again. It looks to me like something in the PCI bus
> isn't setup correctly by the 2.4 kernels, but chasing that down is way
> beyond my ability, hence the post to linux-kernel.

What's strange is that I have the exact same type of machine and I don't see
this problem, could you forward me your kernel config as well? I'll compare
that, and your info from your previous message to mine and see if we can
find a difference.


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