Re: PCI oddities on Dell Inspiron 5000e w/ 2.4.x

From: Linus Torvalds (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 23:37:15 EST

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Jeff Lessem wrote:
> No problem, the listings are below. Both listings were done on a
> freshly booted system. The only difference in system states was that
> the i82365 modules had loaded.

Hmm.. You shouldn't be loading any i82365 module at all. You should load
the "yenta_socket" module.

One of the major differences between working and non-working is that the
non-working thing doesn't have the PCI latency register set. The yenta
driver explicitly sets the latency and cache size numbers, so it reall
ylook slike you should just use that driver and it should work.


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