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From: Tim Wright (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 19:24:49 EST

You didn't give the (likely more) important part of your .config, but I'll bet
that you have CONFIG_APM_ALLOW_INTS disabled. Turn it on, rebuild and reboot.
At least on a Thinkpad T20, trying to use UDMA, and APM without APM_ALLOW_INTS
enabled gives an 'hda: lost interrupt'. Even worse, I didn't hang, but was able
to go on and trash my hard drive :-(
With CONFIG_APM_ALLOW_INTS turned on, everything behaves nicely.


On Sat, Feb 17, 2001 at 10:08:21AM +0100, Fons Rademakers wrote:
> Hi,
> in my laptop (HP 4150B) I upgraded from a 12GB IBM Travelstar to an
> 20GB IBM Travelstar (both 4200rpm). After the upgrade I moved also to
> 2.4.2-pre3 and reiserfs. However, the problem I now have is that after
> resume I get the message "hda: lost interrupt" and the only thing to do
> is to reset the machine (in the only good thing is that reiserfs saved
> me a lot of fsck time).
> Any idea what the problem might be? Is the larger disk not supported by
> the BIOS (it is recognized properly). People mentioned not to use DMA
> anymore?
> With 2.2.18 and the 12GB disk there were never problems (except that the
> disk got bad blocks ;-().
> My IDE setup in .config is below.
> Cheers, Fons.
[IDE config elided]

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