Re: aic7xxx (and sym53c8xx) plans

From: Matthew Jacob (
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 16:39:58 EST

> May-be this is the reason some UNIX vendors seem to love UDI. :)
> If you also use SYMBIOS chips, you may give a try with SYM-2. For the
> moment, it replaces only 6 drivers :) as also seems to do, for the moment,
> Justin's AIC7XXX-6, by the way.
> The plans seem clear to me. :-)
> Btw, I _do_ like a lot better the 'one driver' plan over the '12 or more'
> one.

Hmm. Well, it's good if it works. The joint Qlogic FC/SCSI driver of mine has
it's own plusses && minusses...

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