Re: [PATCH] change awe_wave initialization to match 2.2 better

From: José Luis Domingo López (
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 17:26:43 EST

On Monday, 19 February 2001, at 14:28:09 -0500,
Bill Nottingham wrote:

> The awe_wave driver in 2.2 looked at the common I/O ports for
> the card if no parameters were specified. The 2.4 driver currently
> does an ISAPnP probe, but doesn't fall back to the previous probing
> behavior, which means that users with working module configurations
> will have theirs broken on upgrade.
Don't know if what follows has something to do with the patch you
submitted, but under kernel 2.2.x SB AWE 64 had a nasty problem. pnpdump
from the isapnptools (all versions I've tested) only reports one of a
total of three IO adresses for the Wavetable device:
(IO 0 (SIZE 4) (BASE 0x0620))
(IO 1 (SIZE 4) (BASE 0x0A20)) <-- not reported by pnpdump
(IO 2 (SIZE 4) (BASE 0x0E20)) <-- not reported by pnpdump

The latter two lines where manually added, as described in the
SB-AWE-HOWTO. Using isapnptools 1.21-2 (Debian Potato) the card configures
correctly, but with isapnptools 1.23-0.3 (Debian Woody) there is an error
trying to parse the first of the manually added lines (Don't know what to
do with A20)) on or around line 350).

It seem obvious that this change in behaviour is isapnptools related, but
not detecting the whole three IO addresses is an unresolved problem (as of
2.2.18, not tried with built-in PnP support in 2.4.x).

Would you need more information ?. I'm a totally kernel-devel newbie, but
with 3+ years using Linux, I think I can help with testing and triying
with kernel 2.4.x or patched 2.2.x.

José Luis Domingo López
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