PROBLEM: pci bridge fails to wake up from suspend/resume( Inspiron 8000 )

From: Morten Stenseth (
Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 16:02:05 EST

Hello , i have some problems with my inspiron 8000
running kernler 2.4.1-ac16 and hope someone on this
list can help me.

the built in network card do not function after a
suspend/resume , the only messages i receive is
"eepro100: wait_for_cmd_done timeout!" , i belive
the problem is in the pci bridge that the internal
network card and modem is on(look tree.txt ) ,
i took a lspci -vx before suspend and one after
and it seems as the io ports gets disabled for both
 the network card and modem ( look at before.txt /after.txt )
when i resume the machine again. I have included
the following files which i hope can help in diagnose
this problem:

        before.txt = lspci -vx before suspend
        after.txt = lspci -vx after resume
        tree.txt = lspci -tv
 dmesg.txt = dmesg

if you need more info just give me a howler ?
best regards
Morten Stenseth

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