Re: Linux stifles innovation...

Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 19:10:52 EST

Dennis wrote:
> objective, arent we?
Nope. Are you claiming to be?

> For example, if there were six different companies that marketed ethernet
> drivers for the eepro100, you'd have a choice of which one to buy..perhaps
... Rant deleted

I had a problem with eepro100.
It was fixed same night cause I had the source.
Don't even try to compare with MickyS**t.

> The biggest thing that the linux community does to stifle innovation is to
> bash commercial vendors trying to make a profit by whining endlessly about
> "sourceless" distributions and recommending "open-source" solutions even
> when they are wholly inferior. You're only hurting yourselves in the long
> run. In that respect MS is correct, because those with the dollars to
> innovate will stay away.

When companys with less than a dozen people think it's worth while paying
someone like me to develop code exclusivly for Linux we've got to have a
chance. Source to binary ratio is probably 70/30 mainly because of code
tied up in previous companys but they are trying.

The project they're funding now is more like 90% GPL. Of course I could be
producing crap code. 20 years kernel hacking and a cybernetics degree can't
mean as much as being an MSCE.

ps. This is definately a message from home and a bottom of a glass of whisky.

	Bob Dunlop
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