Re: Suggestion for handling of boot-time driver options

Dominik Kubla (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 09:19:21 +0100

: Dominik Kubla wrote:
: > Just in case you don't know: some companies don't port their commercial
: > software to linux because the license of the C/C++ library would force
: > them to provide the customer with the source code. No joke!

Ah, a mistake on my part. Of course i meant to say "because they fear the
license ...". Shouldn't write mails in the middle of the night.

: That's completely incorrect. The license of the C library does *not*
: require programs linked against it to have published source. Try
: getting the source to Netscape, for example.

Your correct about the C part, but i know for sure that certain companies
would not port their C++ software because of the reason stated above.
And they were apparently told the same from people associated with the FSF.

Now its your turn...

Dominik Kubla