Re: Suggestion for handling of boot-time driver options

Roderich Schupp (
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 01:01:28 +0100 said:
> I believe you misunderstood me. Of course the syntactic change is
> trivial, but I went on to discuss something a bit more elaborate:
> having the "MODULE_PARM" macro (which is used to specify which
> variables may be tuned from the insmod command line) also build the
> foo_setup function *automatically*. That would require some ELF
> magic, I believe.
I think you mean to use MODULE_PARM in non-MODULE code, too, e.g.
in driver foo.o:
This should recognize boot options " foo.quux=2,3,4"
(resulting in bar=1, quux[0]=2, quux[1]=3, quux[2]=4 in foo.o). OK?
(If there's no "bar" option for "foo" registered, but an old-style
foo_setup is, we fall back to call that one with
foo_setup("bar,1", { 0, ...}) ).
Good idea, no problem at all. (Well, except for the MODULE_PARM macro
itself, I might need an additional parameter.)
Cheers, Roderich
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