Re: Suggestion for handling of boot-time driver options

Chris Adams (
15 Dec 1997 06:30:29 GMT

According to Dominik Kubla <>:
>Just in case you don't know: some companies don't port their commercial
>software to linux because the license of the C/C++ library would force
>them to provide the customer with the source code. No joke!

Have you every _read_ the license that comes with glibc and libg++? The
GNU C library (which is what the Linux C library is derived from) is
under the LGPL, which allows it to be linked against without "tainting"
the source code with the GPL. The libg++ library has parts under the
GPL and the LGPL, but the parts under the GPL specifically allow linking
against them as part of a library when the program is compiled with a
GNU complier.

In other words, linking against the Linux C library would not force them
to provide the customer with the source code. Also, if they are using a
GNU compiler (like gcc or g++), linking against the C++ library (libg++)
would not force them to provide the source code.

Please read the appropriate licenses before you spread false
information. Some companies may believe what you said and not want to
port to Linux because of comments like yours. Do you think Netscape,
Empress, or RealNetworks (to name just a few companies) give out the
source code to their programs? Not hardly, and they are not violating
any licenses by not doing so.

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