Re: NEW unified parallel port IDE subsystem

James Mastros (
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 15:54:37 -0500 (EST)

On Sun, 14 Dec 1997, Grant R. Guenther wrote:

> ANNOUNCEMENT: Beta test of new parallel port IDE subsystem
> I'm happy to announce the availability for beta testing of a new
> unified subsystem for peripheral devices based on parallel port IDE
> adapters.
> The package provides drivers for parallel port IDE disks (pd),
> parallel port CD-ROM drives (pcd) and parallel port ATAPI disks (pf).

Like I said a couple of days ago (when I saw the reservations in
Docutemntation/devices.txt, why aren't these handled like other IDE devices,
that is to say, mixing all ATAPI/IDE devices in one set of device-files? IE
- /dev/phda, /dev/phdb, /dev/phdc... with sub-devices for each partation (on
partationed devices). (phd for parallel-port hard drive). This makes much
more sense to me then segregating different types of devices, as (I assume)
you can plug any IDE/ATAPI device into any one of these adapters.

-=- James Mastros

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